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Sherston, wiltshire, SN16 0NX

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About us


We grow most of the plants we sell. They are grown without heating or forcing and sold when they are ready. What we don't grow ourselves we buy in from local specailist growers who we have a close working relationshio with. We make up hanging baskets and supply two local towns with their "in bloom" saen showing.

Togther with our 'natural season' gorwing we also try not to use pesticide or grow regulatrs at all. We keep bees on the nursry (and sell the honey) and use biological methods to control pests and diseases. 

Our Chrstmas trees are always fresh as they're grpwn on the nursery in an 8 to 10 year sustainable crop rotation. We speciaise in Nordman fir, the best needleholding variety, but grow 11 varieties of tree. We have a range of hand made wreaths and season foliage based decorations



We set up Hortico in 2006 as an alterntive career to corporate horticulture with some of the industries biggest opperators. the idea was to keep it 'local', share the workload whilst bringing up children. Initially focused on hanging baskets for pubs, the business evolved into floristry and has settled on garden plant growing and retiling directly to the public.


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